Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Random: Jesus pancake, Tlusty likes to party, Project Runway

Well, I lost out. As you all know, no one bid a cent on my chicken strip seahorse. But a pancake resembling Jesus Christ scores $338 on eBay. Fucking hell. As Kristin duly noted last night, I should have somehow tied in the seahorse as a good luck charm of the Boston Red Sox, since I got it right before the World Series. Or marketed it to idiots in Florida.

As I mentally prepare for the monumental Devils-Rangers game tonight (Oh, just Scott Gomez’ return to Jersey and Martin Brodeur sitting on 499 career Wins) it appears the Maple Leafs’ Jiri Tlusty likes to photograph his penis, and make out with dudes at parties. Good to see Jiri puts the "lust" in Tlusty, but we fear that’s not Maple on his Leaf.

Another season of Project Runway begins tonight (Bravo, 10 p.m.), which serves only as another thing to make me reminisce about people I don't want to think about. Who knows if I’ll watch it... But I do know that Christian, pictured, looks like a tool. I wonder what kind of scarf Daniel Vosovic is wearing these days. Lauren Beckham Falcone talked to Tim Gun and Heidi Klum about Season 4.

Lastly, I interviewed Dane Cook last week, and the Herald story ran today. I also briefly wrote about the Dead Trees moving to Oregon, and other random shit in today's column.


  1. wanna come over for Runway?! PS- Haircut.

  2. "It’s like an all-ages show at the local church, except that it isn't all-ages in the slightest."