Thursday, November 22, 2007

iPod Touch has many "Boyfriends"

So the new iPod commercial is making several musicians people famous, according to yours truly in today's Herald.

Though the ad features CSS’s "Music is my Hot Hot Sex," people are hearing the first lyric "Music is my boyfriend," and searching for those words on Google. This misguided hunt leads them to songs of the same title by indie folk band the Hidden Cameras and some shit-tastic metal-core chick named Skye Sweetnam, who now boasts 70,000-plus listens to her song of that title on her MySpace.

Ironically, both bands are from Canada, where that pesky music is stealing mad bitches by the second, and surely Younge Street is littered by recently-single waif-like boys crying into their argyle scarves.

Nevertheless, this might be the first time an iPod ad made three bands famous while only playing one song. The Fratellis and Jet got undivided attention, but Cansei de Ser Sexy must share this Apple pie.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving.

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