Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Catching up with the bomb scare fellow

Edit 11.08: Fox 25 News did a piece on this last night... I wonder where they got the story from?! I knew about it on Monday, didn't have a column Tuesday, then published it on Wednesday. Later that night, it's news on Fox. Hmmm....

If you were wondering what good ol’ Peter Berdovsky’s been up to lately, here’s the scoop from today's Herald column. Seems the man behind the Jan. 31 Aqua Teen Hunger Force bomb scare was voted 12th best visual artist in the world by DJ Magazine, and has used his community service time painting murals at Spaulding. Be sure to check the growing list of comments telling me I’m wasting my time and how this dude should be in jail.

While I’m of the opinion the city grossly overreacted to the entire ordeal, most Herald readers believe he should spent the rest of his life in prison. But I have a new respect for him, after he allowed me to interview him twice (first was in the summer for his visual light show at the Phoenix Landing) despite my newspaper raking him over the coals in the Mooninite aftermath. Clearly I’m more interested in his art moving forward (his goal is to make new media respected form of fine art) and not rehashing one of the more embarrassing days to be a Bostonian.

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  1. Its not his fault there was a bomb scare. It's our stupid overreacting fucking mayor who I still believe is storing nuts in his cheeks for the winter because he talks like a stroke victim.