Sunday, November 18, 2007

New pill flyer

It was the weekend of divides, from the exceptionally good (sold out and ace night at the pill Friday, Martin Brodeur finally winning his 500th game Saturday) to the bad (Revs losing the MLS Cup for the 4th time in 6 seasons, an awkward party in the shadow of former flames). Busy times, but we at the Barrows compound found enough strength to shoot a flyer, featuring the lovely Clementine. Wearing something of Emily’s.


  1. awkward is a nice way to say retarded, with a dash of pointless and a side order of coke cut with an AARP membership card.

  2. I had fun until 2004 came in and slapped me around a bit. My how I romanticize the past.

  3. Were there a lot of old people there (besides us of course?) Couple of "regular dudes" and metal dudes but thought the ladies were pretty young, innit?