Monday, November 16, 2009

RIP 'Remote Control' host Ken Ober

Awwwww, SUCK CITY! Remote Control was the fucking best, and was so badass at the time. Another nugget lost from MTV's Golden Era, RIP Mr. Kenny Ober. From my Hotline post:

Sad news today as MTV has confirmed a report that Ken Ober, Boston native and host of '80s game show "Remote Control," was found dead over the weekend at age 52.

The often bizarre, kind of raunchy and very groundbreaking "Remote Control" ran from 1987 to 1990 on MTV, featuring early guest spots from announcer Colin Quinn to Adam Sandler to Denis Leary. The show was centered mainly around pop-culture-based useless-knowledge television watching and challenges like "Dead Or Canadian," "Private Dicks" and "Beat the Bishop," where contestants had to solve a math riddle before a fleet-footed Vatican bishop lapped the studio. This show ruled eight ways to Sunday and was a huge part of growing for for many children of the '80s.

Here's a look back at "Remote Control"... and let the nostalgia flow. RIP, Ken.

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