Monday, December 31, 2007

Ending 2007 on its first high note

Well, it’s over. Good fucking riddance to 2007, undisputedly the worst year of my life.

I took a few steps backward, many steps to the left and right, and stumbled cluelessly throughout most of the year. Finding a highlight is as difficult as Patrik Elias finding the back of the net. There were some good times (finding Lola, the myriad pill events, writing for Spin), but mostly my life just sunk to depths rivaled only by my very-awkward 5th grade experience. What do they say about all that "fool me twice" bullshit?

But hey, suddenly, stabilization has come swiftly, and hopefully 2008 brings me back to where I was mentally, emotionally and physically in mid-2006 or so. I’m still very blah about everything, and still have Los Angeles in my sights for September (unless my spirits and impression of Boston Hate City improves drastically between now and June). But for the first time in more than a year, I like where my life is heading, even if it still lacks any coherent direction and focus. I guess I have another year to figure all that shit out.

In any event, tonight we celebrate, as '07 goes to heaven, and '08 promises the great. We (the pill) are throwing a dance party at O’Brien’s this evening, because fucked if I saw anything remotely interesting this New Year’s Eve. I’m not staying on the couch like I did last year; talk about a bad omen. As Jarvis Cocker sang so proudly, "dance, drink, and screw, because there’s nothing else to do."

See you in 2008, and thanks for reading Vanyaland. It’s been my best therapy yet. xo

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