Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Amy Winehouse is a tra(i)n(y)wreck

I realize I'm breaking no new ground here, but when did Amy Winhouse morph into a brunette Dee Snider? I've always been minimally amused by the Rehab Queen's livestyle and desperate grasps at publicity, but what in the name of Dr. McTeague causes someone to start pulling out her own teeth. Oh, drugs. Well that explains the wandering the streets in the buff. But not the other things.

From the Daily Mail article, which has gotten quite the linky-link beej from Vanyaland this week: "Amy is very upset about her teeth because they have literally been falling out," a source said. "She has one missing from the front of her mouth, and another one at the back which is less visible. Her mouth is full of holes and she is desperately worried she is going to lose more. She has actually pulled a tooth out herself, which is absolutely disgusting."

But not the most disgusting thing.

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  1. I want to know where that anorexic bitch got a bra that makes her look busty. Because I want one.