Sunday, December 9, 2007

Unnecessary upgrading of the NJ Devils logo

Some interesting New Jersey Devils redesigns at the always-entertaining NHL Tournament of Logos blog. (Note: This is a fan site, created for entertainment. These aren't real.)

The proposed primary logo draws inspiration from the team’s nickname origin, which derives from the legend of the Jersey Devil (a mythical, 18th-century South Jersey creature who was, according to legend, the beast-like 13th offspring of a suspected witch – read more about it here).

Since I was about 7 years old I’ve maintained the NJ Devils’ logo is the best in all sports. It’s subtle, yet obvious, and ties in four points of reference – the N, the J, the spiked tail and devil horns, all screaming nothing other than New Jersey Devils – in a very sharp and distinguished crest.

There’s really no need for a cartoon beast of a logo, just as I’ve never cared for the Satan figure-on-skates look that pops up in holiday catalogues. The slightly modified secondary logo doesn’t do it for me, either, as the divot in the horns makes the J look a bit like a Y. No need to remind people of New York. But altogether just looks like a cartoon-sexy, Valentine's Day update of our classic logo.

But I do like the upgraded jersey designs, and wouldn’t be bothered if I saw the real logo thrown on those sweaters. I doubt Lou would go for it, as the Devils are only one of three teams (the Red Wings and Hurricanes are the others) to never have a 3rd or alt jersey.

If there were to be any modification of the logo and crest, the only modernization I’d be down with would be squeezing the outlining circle at the top and bottom to create a more oval-shaped and slightly aerodynamic new logo. Check it to the left.

Otherwise, no need to fix what's broken. Now, about this power play...

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