Monday, October 29, 2007

Gammons bitchslaps A-Rod

Anyone who knows me knows I revere Peter Gammons like few others, and meeting him at Fenway over the summer may be my highlight of 2007. I’ll never forget him talking to anyone who’d listen (mind you, the room ran the spectrum from Sox GM Theo Epstein to, uh... me) about Curtis Granderson’s MySpace profile and how light a bat Jeff Cirillo uses.

But the Legend of the Commish took another step last night when he took Alex Rodriguez to task for opting out of his Yankee deal in an attempt to upstage the World Series. "Total disrespect for the game of baseball," indeed Peter. Check the rest of the ESPN spot on the Awful Announcing blog. Hopefully Epstein heard the "Don’t sign A-Rod!" chants at Coors Field during last night’s post-game and promptly signs Lowell for three years is done with 3B.

- This guy is also my hero, catching 30 hockey games in 30 nights, spanning every NHL city.

- Well, we’re certainly playing bad enough to get pissed on. (Thanks to the always entertaining UniWatch.)

- If you call T-Pain, he’ll call you back! Sup, T-Pain!

- And I end with three IMs from my mother, who still, after all these years, remembers my teenage love of Meerkats:
XXXX: I can't believe how popular Meerkat Manor is.
XXXX: Did you hear about Mozart's passing?
XXXX: A jackal got him they believe. It's on the AOL welcome page news.
myriadcause22: This might be the first time a TV show's main character was literally killed mid-season, on camera.
XXXX: Maybe.

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  1. I am envious that you have a mother who can instant message.