Thursday, April 4, 2013

[tomorrow in ??????] Fat Creeps 12-inch split release show @ ????

There's probably a betting pool to see how long it would take me to mention FAT CREEPS here on the ol' VLand. If you had April 4, congratulations! The beloved North Shore garage rock trio are still making noisy waves, and a few months after MTV got all sweet on their latest video "Daydreaming," which also go the AVA treatment from me when it popped, the ladies and dude are now set to release a 12-inch split with Western Mass' ZUBU! off Feeding Tube Records.

They're opting for the basement show treatment for this release, and you know how HOT a topic that is around Boston these days, what with the cops all acting the fool over DIY spaces around our creative neighborhoods.

So... we won't tell you where it is, you'll just have to figure it out, yo. But we can tell you that Don Gero, Omnivore and Guerilla Toss are on the bill. And it starts on the early side of things, so bring dinner and a post-meal snack.

We can also tell you that the Creeps rule and the new jams are just as tasty: the aforementioned "Daydreaming" and the WFNX-fave "Dad Weed." Word up.

Also, in case you missed it, check me out getting SLAPPED in their previous video, for "Cherry." I miss last summer. And sexy pizza.

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