Monday, April 6, 2009

Wednesday's great hipster debate

All the washed up fools will probably be at the HoB on Wednesday, which is sad because the White/Late of the Pier/Deadmau5 show at the Paradise will be nothing short of explosive. From today's Herald Hotline column:

White belt debate
Call it the first great hipster show debate of 2k9. Wednesday night at House of Blues, the kids in white belts and shotgun hair will be partying like its 2001 as indie veterans the Faint and Ladytron roll onto Lansdowne Street.

At the same time at the Paradise Rock Club, the UK’s new electro/rock hybrid is on full display courtesy of the Whip and Late of the Pier, who open for Canadian hard house DJ Deadmau5 (pronounced dead mouse).

Both the Whip and Late of the Pier owe much to their synthesized elder statesmen performing across town. The Whip specializes in sleazy drawn-out ’80s-ish electronica, while Late of the Pier emits more choppy, spastic freak-out rhythms.

So what’s a fashionable 20-something in tight black pants to do? Roll with yesterday’s tried-and-true or take a chance on tomorrow? The veterans may have the bigger draw, but those who know will roll the ’Dise.

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