Tuesday, April 14, 2009

NME.com previews new Depeche Mode

It seems that NME.com is previewing snippets from the new Depeche Mode album, Sounds of the Universe. I'm not sure what's more annoying -- the lack of melody in most of the songs, or that I can only get about 30 seconds of each track. Either way, cool to catch an aural glimpse of the Mode's 12th studio album, set to drop on Hitler's birthday. In fairness, all the songs sound better than "Wrong," the lead single.

Some added thoughts here on my Hotling blog: There’s definitely an old-school Mode vibe going on here, as “Fragile Tension” and “Peace” recall the early ’80s “Speak & Spell” era of the band, while “Little Soul” has a darker “Songs of Faith and Devotion” cloud hovering above it... This could be promising, and maybe Depeche Mode’s best work since 1997’s vastly underrated “Ultra.” (”Exciter” and “Playing The Angel,” both released this decade, did nothing for this longtime fan.)

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