Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ITP: Charlie Murphy tapes live DVD @ Wilbur

I had the pleasure of hanging backstage at the Wilbur Theatre on Saturday night with Charlie Murphy at the filming of his new stand-up comedy DVD, which I review slash feature in today's Boston Herald. Fuck yo couch, nigga!, indeed.

Early on, Murphy touched on the whole Chappelle Show "Charlie Murphy!" bit, but stayed away from entirely rehashing the now-legendary Rick James and Price stuff. It would have been cool for him to recite that shit ("Game, blouses"), but props to him for dishing out new material and not relying on stuff from four years ago. Much like darkness, his popularity is spreading -- both shows were sold out at the cavernous 1,100-capacity Wilbur.

I only wish he served us pancakes afterwards. Pancakes.

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