Friday, April 17, 2009

Dante & his Starlets rock to Rumble final

Gene Dante & the Future Starlets won last night's Rumble semifinal night 1, and here's the recap on my Hotline blog. The question here isn't how he won, the real question is... uh, the dude kinda looks like me, doesn't he??! May I have my eyebrows back, Gene? Fancy a jawline and perfect nose? (This kinda shit always freaks out adopted kids, btw):

Dante’s inferno keeps burning up the Rumble.

Gene Dante & the Future Starlets glam bam thank you ma’am’ed their way to the final round of the WBCN Rock N’ Roll Rumble last night, taking home top prize in the first of two back-to-back semifinal nights. Dante and his sharply dressed crew of boys and girls surpassed a blitzkrieg effort by preliminary-round winners Sarah RabDAU & the Self Employed Assassins and the Lights Out, as well as spunky wild card entry the Have Nots.

Like a cigarette tracing a ladder to the stars, Dante’s cheeky post-glam rock and its lipstick-smeared angry inch was enough to sway the judges at the Middle East downstairs, cementing his glitter-lined slot in next Friday’s highly-anticipated final round.

His opponents in this rock n’ roll throw down are yet to be decided. The second night of the semis continue tonight in Central Square, with preliminary winners Gravehaven, the Dirty Truckers, the Luxury and wild card winner Destruct-a-Thon battling it out.

A wild card winner will be decided between the two semifinal nights, rounding out the three-band lineup at next week’s Rumble conclusion. Tonight’s show information is at

The Semifinals, Night 2 players:
Night 1 winner: The Luxury
Night 2 winner: Gravehaven
Night 3 winner: The Dirty Truckers
Wild Card winner: Destruct-a-Thon

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