Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Collisions tonight in Cambridge

I had every intention of catching The New Collisions tonight over at TTs, but it looks like the Devils-Hurricanes Game 7 clusterfuck will keep me homebound. Which is a bummer, because I think New Collisions are one of the more exciting bands to emerge from the local scene in the past year or so, swinging the new wave revival stick toward where the Blondies and Missing Persons' hang out in the bar, impressively crafting a fresh sound from the '77-'83 synthpop/post-punk beast.

There's a bit of West Coast flavor to all this, too, and the sound is very un-Boston. "In A Shadow" has been well recieved at the pill in recent weeks, and "Parachutes on the Dance Floor" has gotten love on the local radio circuit. NYC blog Lucid Culture has a recap of a recent Arlene' Grocery performance... and despite tonight's detour we can all catch them at the pill on June 19. (oh shit stealth plug!)

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