Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Charm School back on VH1. Sweet

Not that I can think of anything besides last night's neverending Nightmare on Ice, but hey, looks like a third season of Charm School premieres May 11 on VH1. I'm all for some more Brittanya on my TV, and it'll be fun to have Ashley and Bay Bay Bay back in the crazybitch fold, but why oh why only "Rock of Love Bus" and "Real Chance of Love" girls?!?! Time to ex-pa-hand.

Get some "Ray J" bitches* up in there, get the girlfriends from "the Tool Academy" in there, maybe even get the hag leftovers from the unwatchable "Tough Love" in the mix. Let's spice this shit up! Oh, and -- RICKI LAKE?!?! Tha'hell she been up to, besides apparently vacationing in Bulimia? (*Please bring back Feisty. For anything.)

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