Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday night rox: Lights Out & Logan 5 @ GS

Today sucks. It's raining, my lady is still a billion miles away and I'm got blistering California sunshine on my mind. Fortunately, there is salvation by way of Rock Show this evening, when the always on-point and fellow Pela worshipper Ryan's Smashing Life wrangles up two of my fav locals in the Lights Out and Logan 5 & the Runners (There are more, somewhat professional thoughts over in Hotline-land. But hey, not too professional.)

I don't know much about Atlanta's FishHawk other than the creepy Mother Love Bone vibe I got after my 30-second listening trial, and I'm ready and willing to be impressed with the kids in Hundred Years War (Allston reprazent!).

In any event, it's good shit on a shitty and rainy Tuesday.

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