Friday, April 25, 2008

Regeneration Tour, I <3 Belinda Carlisle

Show of hands: Who is going to the Regeneration Tour on Aug. 20 at the Pavilion? Look at this ‘80s doozey of a lineup:

Human League – Ok, decent headliner, though I bet they haven’t aged well. Life in a cocktail bar is bad for the skin. But drum machines are timeless.
Belinda Carlisle – Holy shit. My first love. I used to watch the “Heaven is a Place in Earth” video with one hand in my pocket and another on the screen. And true story, I used to turn it off three-quarters through because she ends up sucking face with some dude (It turned out to be her hubz). It was a true precursor to my life of juvenile jealous rage. And I’ve never, to this day, heard how the song ends. But I bet the heavy metal breakdown outro and ghettotech back-beat is killer dope. But seriously, her solo catalogue is top-notch and mad underrated: “Mad About You,” “Summer Rain,” “I Get Weak” and the best song she’s ever done, the truly majestic “Leave A Light On For Me”. Sigh. I feel 8 years old again. What a way to go-go.
Flock of Seagulls – VH1’s favorite flakes should still be credited with writing “Wishing,” one of the greatest new wave songs with one of the greatest synth loops ever created. I can listen to an hour-long version of the last two minutes of this song. No joke.
ABC – “Poison Arrow” and the “Look of Love” are worth showing up to the Pavilion at 6pm. Who broke my heart? Well, Belinda did in 1989.

Anyway, so fucking delish. This is all in one night, under one New England sky, for just $25. Maybe I can finally meet Belinda. Maybe I can hear the end of “Heaven is a Place on Earth.” Do you know what that’s worth?

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