Wednesday, April 16, 2008

...In the Papers: FNX show goes local, Bret Michaels comes to town

From today's Herald: The shit-tastic FNX Best Music Poll concert (May 10 at the BoA Pavilion) got a whole lot cooler with the addition of Passion Pit and Eli "Paperboy" Reed to the lineup. Now everyone can go home at 8pm and miss Death Cab for Cutie, Presidents of the USA and Bob Fucking Mould.

Also in my column: Michaels! Michaels! Michaels!

This past Sunday, Bret Michaels of Poison chose Ambre as his “Rock Of Love,” opting for the almost-40 soccer mom over Daisy, the young, collagen-infused human floatation device. But if the rumors are true, Michaels and Ambre weren’t getting on so well once the cameras stopped rolling.

So it’s a fairly safe bet that by the time Poison hits the Bank of America Pavilion on Aug. 7 (with Dokken and Sebastian Bach in tow), Michaels will be single again. He might even be single already!

So ladies, lock the cellar door and prepare to talk dirty. After the Pavilion show, Michaels and his collection of colorful bandanas will swing by the Hard Rock Cafe for an exclusive meet-and-greet.

“Bret will be there about 11:30 and will hang out, sign autographs, have drinks with the crowd until closing time and, who knows, maybe he’ll even sing a song or two,” said Dan Millen of Rock On concerts.

Tickets for the Hard Rock party are $25 in advance at and No word yet if Dokken will head over to the Silhouette Lounge in Allston for their own after-party.


  1. so you gonna get us into this show and after party for free, right buddy? Loved Dokken back in the day...George Lynch was SWEET!

    Dream Warriors bitch! ha

  2. After all the words I've written about Bret Michael's in the past year, I can only hope my tour doesn't end here, ifyaknowwhaddimean...

  3. Did you see the interview with Bret that came out yesterday in some Canadian rag? How hes so not in love w Am-bray. SHOCK, HORROR.

  4. He also admitted that he wears "the finest of European extensions," or something to that effect. My whole world is literally crumbling around me. Oh wait, no, it's just Boston. Nevermind.