Wednesday, May 13, 2009

RSL showcase tonight @ GS

Remember all back in the day when you'd grab a Spin, Select or even Hit Parader magazine and unabashadly trust their judgement, blowing your third world country paycheck at Sam Goody or Strawberries on all the bands they duly recommended? Sometimes you won, sometimes you lost, but through it all you trusted their word and the thrill of reading about new shit and seeking it out was just as great as those rare scores that introduced you to your new favorite band (of that moment).

Well, I'm almost at that point with Ryan's Smashing Life, which hosts another showcase of live rock tonight at Great Scott. Outside of the Beatings' Eldridge Rodriguez, I have no clue who these band are, but if RSL is pimping them out it's probably money better spent here than on Shotgun Messiah tapes at the Wall. Who knows, we might learn something new.

(Also, on that flyer, is that the Logan 5 & the Runners' album cover chick all cable-porn scrambled out?)

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