Monday, May 4, 2009

The return of the Good North in June

About six years ago, a close network of bands and friends rallied around the pill and formed a mini-scene -- the Information, Emergency Music, the Good North, Bon Savants, etc. all became known as "pill bands." We all partied, digested too many drugs, sold out the Middle East once or twice and even released a CD, "Tomorrow Never Happened," (Man With a Gun Records). It was my favorite time in Boston so far -- endless nights, endless drugs and the excitement of being a part of "something."

But time eventually wrestles with all smiles and most have gone on to do their own thing (including us). So why am I bringing all this up? Well, the Good North is back (and giving away a ton of their music here.) We're celebrating this occassion June 27 at the aforementioned Mid-Easy, and the Info and the Pill DJ team are joined on stage by Taxpayer, Barnicle and Thick As Thieves.

Indeed we're gonna party like it's 2004. But without the drugs. Well, for me anyway...

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