Thursday, September 27, 2007

OZ's Adebisi wins Uni Watch raffle!

Paul Lukas’ Uni Watch Blog is one of the best daily reads on the Internet, and the former Village Voice writer occasionally does uniform-related pieces for Well, imagine my shock tonight when I saw that none other than Simon Adebisi, one of the most ruthless killers (and greatest characters) on late ‘90s HBO series "OZ," won a Uni Watch raffle! What in the name of Tobias Beecher is going on here:

“Meanwhile, Uni Watch is happy to announce that reader Simon Adebisi is the winner of last week's raffle. Simon, who was randomly chosen from among the respondents who knew that Mathias Kiwanuka is the Giants player who likes his jersey very tight up top but fairly loose at the bottom, will receive some free Giants swag from Jints equipment director Joe Skiba (who co-starred with Uni Watch in last week's video report). Hang tight, Simon -- you'll be hearing from Joe soon."

Not good news for Joe, who might wanna skip that encounter. Or at least get Kareem Said to defend him. Said did the unthinkable and killed Adebisi around Season 3.

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  1. Hey! Isn't that the guy from the Tedeschi across the street?