Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Let's liven this up a bit...

So those precious few of you who've actually read this thing have said there's not enough images. Yes, I view this as an outlet for my written word (the good and the bad), but I suppose there could be better visuals, aside from my cat.

So this will be a showcase to my hidden life as a dance night flyer photographer. Though much of Boston is mired in the too-artsy-to-fuck club flyer, I prefer a simple aesthetic: cute girls with Bernard MT condensed font text. All of these images below have been shot and designed by me, though now that my ex has left me I kinda need a camera to shoot with. An upside down baseball cap acting as a charity plate will be passed around shortly.

Anyway, here are a few flyers for the pill, all original art and design:


Deb Info:








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