Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hiss & Chambers & Freezepop tonight

Quiet day today, other than the word that the Weekly Dig fired its editor, Michael Brodeur (No relation to Martin). But tonight is action-packed, it seems: We have Hiss & Chambers at Hennessy’s in Faneuil Hall, which is the best bet but a bitch to get to; the world-famous synthpop trio Freezepop is hosting their CD release party at the Mid Easy for "Future Future Future Perfect" (which hopefully is better than the VNV Nation album of a similar name); there’s also the indie pop of One Happy Island opening for the Lucksmiths at TTs, which I wrote about today in the Herald.

I think I’m gonna hit up Hiss & Chambers, who are as dark and sexy as their name suggests. They’re at the pill in November, but I want a sneak peak while I’m off the clock, if you will. Their new album, "Making Eyes," is pretty solid and a few songs have already graced the pill dance floor the past few weeks. Then again, staying in to continue the ambitious construction of Cat City, which will make architects in Dubai blush like whoa, is also fairly appealing.

Boston Music Fun Fact: Hiss & Chambers’ drummer, Ryan Dolan, used to play in the Sheila Divine, joining the former Boson indie luminaries in 2001 or so. I did not know him when I got the Sheilas back together for New Year’s Eve a few years ago; life is funny that way. What's everyone else doing tonight?


  1. I CAN'T WAIT for Cat City. I keep catching glimpses of the lead actress across the roof, and she's got star power.

  2. Cat City is really going to be my defining moment. The pieces are in place -- I just gotta document it. With your feet in the air and your head on the ground...