Friday, September 21, 2007

The Information & The Herald's "Rock the Hub" competition

The Information play Great Scott tomorrow night, which means I'll probably skip Yacht Rock at the Bulfinch to stay local and see the 411. Last time they played at GS, I did way too many drugs beforehand, tried to hide it from the ex, kinda freaked out in a sweaty mess and left before they even went on. So we're hoping for a better presentation tomorrow evening. I'm also curious to check out Heath's new band, which he discusses in my Herald column today, and Barnicle, who are pretty redonkulous and were the subject of my first-ever Hotline column.

Speaking of the Information, I nominated "A Simple Plan" as one of the best local songs of the past 25 years. I came up with this "Rock the Hub" competition, and myself, Kerry Purcell and Brett Milano picked a bunch of songs to face off against each other in a NCAA-style tournament. Check out the preliminary list here on the Herald site. Readers can submit their own songs to be included in the bout, of which voting begins Oct. 5.

Just imagine: The Information's "A Simple Plan" vs. The Pixies "Here Comes Your Man"; Gang Green's "Alcohol" vs. Bon Savants' "Between The Moon and the Ocean"; Protokoll's "Moving Forward" vs. New Kids On the Block "Step By Step"; Bobby Brown's "Every Little Step" vs. Til Tuesday's "Voices Carry"! Craziness!

This could get interesting...


  1. Thanks buddy! You guys Missed "Hum" by the Sheila D though...gotta get that on there stat.

  2. Suggest it -- I think there are a dozen slot open for reader suggestions.