Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vanyaland is dead / Vanyaland is not dead

Oh lordy, I think I found myself a brand new lover.

When I started Vanyland several years ago, it was a reaction to the over-edit and re-write hack jobs I was suffering from at the Herald. I created this blog as a means for me to break out of dinosaur print restrictions and write about what I wanted, what I thought Boston needed to know about and whatever other bullshit romancing me at the moment. It was great therapy.

With the new gig as Music Editor of the Boston Phoenix, I don't feel there is a need to distinguish this blog from my day job. In reality, aside from videos like the ones below, any "news" or show promo plugs I post here should be going to the alt-weekly. They, after all, pay the bills. But more importantly, they have my target demo, and allow me the freedom to spit how I spit.

Vanyaland will not die; just slow down considerably. I'll still hype the pill news and Endless Wave (the lone member of the streamlined Vanya MMC) and other random nonsense, but it's time to shift focus to the Phoenix. It's quite a gig, and demands my full attention.

Thanks to all who read this over the years. As Bertie says so timelessly, here's looking at you, kid.

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