Friday, June 18, 2010

Boston Saturday: Kid Sister & Brittanya

While I'm back in NYC with Endless Wave for a gig at Don Pedro -- Dirty Apple old schoolers get at me -- there's all sorts of ill shit going down at home tomorrow night. Most importantly is Kid Sister at the Middle East, a gal I've been obsessed with since LA Riots remixed her jam "Control" a few years ago. And I still can't get over how "Right Hand Hi" didn't become this huge mainstream mega-hit.

But also, downtown, to keep the Ladies In Charge theme hot as the Allston pavement, Brittanya from Rock of Love Bus is laying the smackdown at one of the never-ending rows of Same Clubs near the Theatre District. I wonder if her "booty call" boyfriend from the VH1 show is going to be there.... why can't I remember his name?!?! LOL remember when she tried to beat up Heather?!?!?! Ahh, my life was lame back then. Anyway. Ahem.

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