Friday, December 5, 2008

Weekend ahead! Lights Out, Circus, BMAs, Love Is All

TGImotherfuckingF. Big shit on tap this weekend, which is very much welcomed after my first week back at the compound. What goes on? Glad you asked...

Friday: I've wanted to get The Lights Out at the pill since spring, when I first heard the new EP and "Never Going Back" ruled my dome. The local rock dudes have this sweet mix of Muse/Franz with dirty American garage rock, perfect for coinciding with the 75th anniversary of Repeal Day and my return from Florida.

Saturday: Less than two months later, I'm back at Circus. And to make it even more ridiculous is I'm spinning alongside someone I truly admire, DJ Die Young. It's also the On That Tip blog launch party, even more reason to pound eight Appletinis at Privus and crash-in come Sunday.

Sunday: It's the Boston Music Awards, though who knows if they'll let me in. Full report to come...

Monday: Remember when MGMT and Yeasayer played Great Scott in February, only to move on separately to the Paradise months later? Well, Love Is All / Crystal Stilts tonight is the new MGMT/Yeasayer at Great Scott. Tell your kids-type show and shit. A more detailed description appears in Monday's Herald.

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