Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hooray For Earth gives us "Coal" for Christmas

From today's Christmas Eve Boston Herald Hotline: Hooray for Earth has given us a Christmas song, but you can skip my blah blah blahs and stream/download it straight from Hooray For Earth's MySpace blog.

Just when we thought we'd be stuck with the Yeah Yeah Yeah's eggnog-drunk Christmas song ``All I Want For Christmas'' as our indie rock holiday jam, local boys Hooray For Earth have come through with a dandy little number of their own.

The track is called ``I Hope You Get Coal,'' and it's available for free download through their MySpace blog. Written in just 80 minutes last Friday, ``I Hope You Get Coal'' has that traditional Hooray For Earth crunch-rock bounce, but with jingly holiday vibes mixed in like a warm glass of Bailey's Irish Cream. And the fact that it comes with no screeches, howls or purrs from Karen O makes it Hotline's favorite new Christmas song of the season.

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