Monday, December 8, 2008

Drop the Lime crashes Circus, head asplodez

Ahhhhh, this weekend was fucking INSANE. Holy shit!

Friday night at the pill was its usual dopeness, Sunday night at the BMAs was its usual dopiness. But sandwiched in between was one of the most epic parties I’ve ever been to, let alone be a part of.

So Saturday night was the On That Tip blog launch at Circus, and I held up my duty by dropping my usual indie-dance electro banger set early on, eagerly warming shit up for DJ Die Young. But around 1-ish, just when the pills started to kick in, the appletinis started to melt my insides and the strobe burned alien messages into my head, it happened.

Brooklyn breakbeat master Drop The Lime ditched his scheduled appearance at the lame-ass teen party across the street at Harper’s Ferry, was hijacked by a FTW promoter and came over to Circus to throw down the most epic bass-pound dance set ever, culminating with Jon from Hot Pink Delorean free styling in the middle of a packed dance floor that didn’t even flinch when the house lights screamed out at closing time.

So to recap the night: DJ Michael V., then Die Young, then Drop The Lime (one of these things is unlike the other…) all at a packed out free party at a chic sushi lounge in Allston celebrating the launch of my lady’s nightlife blog. Motherfuck yes.

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