Wednesday, December 24, 2008

20 songs that ruled 2008

I was going to rank these, but I figured what's the point -- All these songs rule, and I love them fairly equally. For me, it was a great year for music, mainly because I discovered a lot of 2005-2007 electro in the past 12 months. But here are my picks for best new songs of 2008. It's one fucker of a mixtape, and obviously the best list ever assembled.

Hercules & Love Affair “Blind” – The bassline is right out of Blur’s Girls & Boys, the vocals right out of a basement handjob at Jacques Cabaret. Of course I love it, and it's my clear-cut Number 1 song of 2008 (decided before Pitchfork posted it!!!)

Passion Pit “I’ve Got Your Number” – “Can you hear me cry, tears like diamonds?” Lyric of the year. Will be performed at my wedding.

BM Linx "Kids on Fire" - From the opening fistfuck bass to the anthemic chorus, this band only knows one speed. Killer.

Does It Offend You Yeah? “We Are Rockstars” – More a sentimental placement, but still fierce as fuck on a drunken dancefloor. Only on the rest of the album wasn't so half-assed.

Foxglove Hunt “The Life Highrise” – Arizona duo pay tribute to their idols (Mode, OMD, PSB) in a stunning 5-minute display straight outta 1986. Watching kids at the pill go nuts to this every Friday is very awesome, but I might need to retire it.

Black Kids, “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You” – Completely played out by now, but it's a Cure-revived modern indie classic that ruled when first heard.

Golden Filter “Solid Gold” – Synth lines as smooth as a roller rink floor, midnight vocals and sharp as knives synth loops.

Crystal Castles “Vanished” – No idea what the lyrics are, but the beats and keys show simplicity is best when sauced at the bar with your head on the bar. Bonus points for being taken from my top album of 2008.

MGMT “Kids” – Took over indie, took over everyone. But maybe the Soulwax remix is even better.

Toxic Avenger “Bad Girls Need Love Too” – Who needs vocals when the Toxic Avenger comes all sorts of electro-fucked correct. Playing this almost got me tossed from the pill DJ booth. Everything this guy does rules.

Cut Copy “Lights & Music” – ...are on my mind. All fucking year.

Hearts Revolution “Switchblade” – Epic is as epic does, and while the LA Riots mix trumps the album cut due to the lost final two minutes, the original is worthy of props.

Hot Chip “Ready For the Floor” – The first great song of 2009. And all we needed – and got – from the overrated Hot Chip.

MGMT “Time To Pretend” – Smug vocals only trumped by that synth line. Immediately distinguishable.

Grum “Go Back” (Le Castle Vania Remix) – Face-fucked electro spin by Atlanta’s DJ Dylan. Sound the feasting horn, and pound out the splatter beats.

Estelle “American Boy” – Every year one Top 40 pop song gets me. Here is it.

The Dossier “Another Night” – Saintface reinvented as a synthpop duo could finally give Peter Riley the fame and accolades he deserves.

The Presets “This Boy’s In Love” – On an album better swallowed as a whole than in parts, here’s the standout.

Crystal Castles, “Courtship Dating” – Alice will cut you. Alice will fucking cut you. Ahhhhhh, <3

The Ting Tings “Great DJ” – Fed up with your indie-gestion, it must be the drums.

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