Sunday, December 28, 2008

Upon further review... and New Year's Eve news

I'm 30, and I'm still alive. On a related note, enough people asked me why I was killing off Vanyaland to make me reconsider and trudge on. The simple question of "why?", posed by a handful of friends, was all I needed to keep it alive.

Suddenly, there are a shit ton of cool things going on for New Year's Eve, from Passion Pit at Great Scott (only 75 tix left) to FTW's Fuck 2008 party at Privus, which features an early-night fashion show styled by my wonderful lady using designs from Rescue of Allston & Maya Made It).

As for me, I'll be at the House That Mod Night Built, the Commonground, spinning a fairly no-frills indie dance party, bouncing around between all three. I'm too old to get worked up for NYE, but I sleep well knowing Boston finally has options again.

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