Tuesday, September 9, 2008

HR & Weller: 2nite in Boston

Tonight is officialy Punk Legend Vocalist Night here in Boston. Down the street at Harper's Ferry, HR of Bad Brains throws shit down and praises Jah, while over at Berklee Performance Center, Paul Weller of the Jam does his own solo thing.

Two frontmen of two very influential early punk bands with looping ties to reggae, Bad Brains being one of the pioneers of hardcore punk in DC in the early 80s, and the Jam crystallizing the Mod scene in England a few years prior. I have not heard either dude's recent solo stuff, but I will celebrate their arrival to our Wet Metropolis by rocking "Banned in DC" and "All Mod Cons" throughout the day. I got into Bad Brains way before I appreciated the Jam, but that was just my aggressive high school attitude not being very Vanya.

Anyway, I can't actually go to the shows, you see. I need to hit up Target and get a shelving unit. Turns out I'm older than HR and Weller, and besides, tomorrow is the Wombats at TTs and Oppenheimer at Great Scott. The kids are united.

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