Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hoopz a cover girl

I'm usually not all there when shopping at the 24-hour Tedeschi in Allston. Either drunk, altered, abused, tired, harassed, molested or whatever, I try to make these shopping trips as painless as possible.

So imagine my sur-fucking-prise when I peep the magazine racks and see none other than I<3$' contestant and inaugural "Flavor of Love" winner HOOPZ (OMFG booty altert booty alert do not click that link!!). Anyway, home girl is on the cover of something called King Magazine, looking all pizz-zam. King bills itself as the "illest magazine" around, and is not affiliated with the Los Angeles hockey team.

Does this cover piece mean she won I Love Money?!?!?! What's up with her romance with Real? What's up with that fitness dude back in Detroit? Is it really so cold in the D? Hoopz is a rapper? What's 12 Pack been up to? I need to know. Shit, I know where my next $4.99 is going...

(Also, FU to VH1 for skipping a week of I Love Money. Come on.)

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