Friday, July 2, 2010

the pill 07.02.10 ::: modern indie fireworks

Usually one of my favorite pill nights of the year (among those that are band-less and sans gimmick) is the Friday before July 4, and that's where we are this evening. Just myself and DJ Ken getting shitty and spinning the hits, all in the ugly grillpiece of a beautiful three day holiday weekend. Also, head's up: Dom is performing live next week.

friday july 2:
modern indie fireworks
indepenDANCE day weekend

Oh shit, it’s IndepenDANCE Day weekend across the country, and the pill comes armed this Friday night with modern indie dance party fireworks. Clearly, the best way to commemorate independence from the British is by saluting its musical output since the 1960s.

So from Britpop bottle rockets to glammed-out roman candles, DJ Ken & Michael V continue to soundtrack the summer in Allston Dance City with their sterling mixture of drunken post-millennial indie hits and tried and true dance classix. Fresh off a DJ gig at the FNX Radio Clambake at the House of Blues earlier in the week, the pill is eager to get back to basics at Great Scott as we clear the stage for another all-nighter, letting the resident spinners stretch out the checkerboard floor under a waterfall of neon lights in the shadow of Abbot Square.

We’re between live music loves this Friday, still reeling from the Depreciation Guild’s starry-eyed performance last week and the highly-anticipated pill debut of Worcester bliss-pop trio DOM on July 9.

But before we soak up all of DOM’s “nexts” – next Passion Pit, next MGMT, next Bay State band ready to blow the fuck up – we do the holiday dance party shake at Boston’s finest and longest-running club night. Start the three-day weekend with us down at the pill.

Look sharp xo

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