Monday, August 18, 2008

I <3 $ :::: Rodeo goes mental

“That’s why I wear my hat. That’s why the kids love me.”

Well, Rodeo, the kids might love you because you love rock and you love country, but America loves you because you went batshit insane last night on another epic episode of VH1's TV version of crystal meth, “I Love Money.”

In one action-packed sixty minutes, Rodeo not only busted out a bedazzled bandana with her named sparking bright, she also baked 12 Pack a cake for his birthday, ran off to pet a wild horse, had a legit conversation with a chihuahua, morphed into the Incredible Hulk, got pwned by Megan (who hasn’t owned anything other than cock, ever) and revealed she lost all her savings on a mutually exclusive clothing line and barbecue sauce. Wow. Just, wow.

We love you Rodeo, just like we love our children in Los Angeles. You and your unmistakable cackle will be missed.

This is unquestionably the greatest show in the history of television.

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