Friday, August 8, 2008

Banditos Misteriosos

Chillaxin on the Herald's Weekend A&E cover today with a cool feature on Banditos Misteriosos, the semi-covert organization that throws huge, several-hundred-people events like a Copley Square Pillow Fight, Silent Dance Party at Fanueil Hall and a Scavenger Hunt on Boston Common. BostonSOS is alsomentioned, but the focus is on the Banditos crew. It's all word-of-mouth, it's all-inclusive, and it's always free.

The Banditos next event is a Revoluntionary War Water Gun Battle, with location to be revealed sometime next week through Yelp, CRaigslist, and their own mailer. Sign up here. These kids rule. Also included in the spread are sidebars on Renegade Drive In and the rise of Iron Chef Louie's Supper Clubs. Both have events coming up in August.

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