Friday, August 29, 2008

Historic Weekend 2k8

I am moving this weekend. Again. Fourth time in four years. My new apartment, down the street on scenic Cambridge Street in ARC, will be a half-disco, half-dwelling, and I'm stoked as fuck to have an entire apartment to myself, the Fierce and Lolabear SB.

So as if I didn't have enough on my mind this weekend, there's about eight billion things going on around Boston.

Friday: Dance party at the pill. You may have heard if it.
Saturday: Biggest part of the summer at Marina Bay Beach Club -- Armand Van Helden, Junior Sanchez, Hot Pink Delorean, Hearthrob DJ crew, Soul Clap. Damn.
Sunday: Does It Offend You Yeah? at Great Scott, with me opening shit up.
Monday: I want to catch DFA's the Juan MacLean at Mid-Easy, though I doubt I will.
Tuesday: Madfuck LA electro duo Guns N Bombs at Middlesex, though I can't find a listing for it other than their own page. Huh.

Of course, all this shit was detailed in today's Boston Herald Hotline, which also talks about tonight's Julesy B. benefit at the Mid-Easy.

See you in September, when life, after roughly 17 months of hell, finally becomes awesome again. <3.

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