Monday, August 18, 2008

FNX Sunday night play list

Hang the DJ, hang the DJ, hang the DJ... here’s the set list from last night’s obscenity-free stint on FNX radio (thanks to Paul Driscoll for the invite):

New England Product:
Wild Light – “New Year’s Eve”
Protokoll – “Holy Divine”
Mean Creek – “Hands Behind Our Heads”
The Fatal Flaw – “When We Were Friends”
The Lights Out – “Never Going Back”
Amanda Palmer – “Leeds United”
Passion Pit – “Cuddle Fuddle”
The Sun Lee Sunbeam – “Bedhead”
Hiss & Chambers – “Decay”
Freezepop – “Frontload (Single Mix)”
The Channels – “The Moon”

First Contact:
The Walkmen “In The New Year”
BM LINX – “Kids On Fire”
The Stills – “Being Here”
The Rapture – “No Sex For Ben”
The Wombats – “Kill The Director (CSS Remix)”
Paul Weller – “Echoes Around The Sun”
The Toxic Avenger – “Bad Girls Need Love Too”
Uffie – “Robot Oeuf”
The Verve – “Judas”
The Enemy – “You’re Not Alone”
Oasis – “Falling Down (Album Version)”
Oasis – “The Shock of the Lightning”

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