Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rock of Love 3: The Bus

Holy shit. I didn't think my day could get any better. First I scored two passes to see the Citizen Kane of superhero movies, "The Dark Knight," on motherfucking IMAX tonight at 7pm (But I have to go to Reading. Ew.). Then out of fucking nowhere, "Project Runway 5" debuts later at 10pm. Apparently there's someone named Suede. Maybe he can knit a decent pop song this decade.

But I digress... Now comes the news that ROCK OF LOVE 3 will air on VH1 next year!!! This is according to D-Listed, who I trust more than the NY Times, reporting that the show will air live from a tour bus as Bret drops off the losing hos at each tour stop. Look out Des Moines, a Daisy Chain for Satan your way comes. I'm all wet just thinking about it.



    angelique better come back for some cameo appearances.

  2. I am SO EXCITED!!! What happened to the mom?