Monday, July 28, 2008

Goodbye Mr. Boston

So last night Acton's very own Lee "Mr. Boston" Marks got the boot from "I Love Money" after his scheme (well, 12 Pack's scheme) to deliberately lose a challenge blew up in his nose-pickin' face. Quite the bummer, as I truly <3'd the strange, teary-eyed Nerdtron, but it was too much to see him constantly harassed by the increasingly cartoonish Stallionaires and White Boy (Who I can't see going home until fall). It was clear Mr. Boston's time had come.

But frealz, what kind of world do we live in where Possum Queen Brandi C. sticks around, Rodeo gets bitchslapped by a frozen chicken and Destiney takes it on the arm (instead of the chin, for once), but Mr. Boston goes home? I'll have more to say about this in tomorrow's Boston Herald. We'll miss you, Boston.

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