Wednesday, March 5, 2008

D-Listed says Patrick Swayze is dying.

5pm edit: The news is being confirmed by Perez Hilton, and he looks to have a month or so left since the cancer has spread throughout his body. Fucking hell.

She leads me through moonlight, only to burn me with... pancreatic cancer?!?!!?

D-Listed took a lead from the National Enquirer and says Swayze has five weeks to live after cancer treatment, and Fafarazzi jumped all over this as well. I might just wait for official word from TMZ. This better not be true. If it's not, this tops that forced plane crash Swayze had in the '90s to get his name back in the press.

Feel her breath on my face... her body close to me... Can't look in her eyes... She's outta my league!


  1. It's really sad:((( I love Patrick Swayze !! Here you can find
    Patrick Swayze's career moments

  2. Nobody puts baby in a cancer ward! :(

  3. Docs are saying he's not kicking the bucket just yet, but time will quite literally tell.

    It was always so sweet how he and his wife stayed married, too.