Sunday, March 9, 2008

Blackout weekend

Yikes. So I've just come to, in a hazy shade of pirate-eye, and left the bedroom for the first time since arriving home post-Kain early Saturday morning. What a weekend. Passion Pit destroyed another sold-out edition of the pill (6th sellout in 7 weeks, with the only non-capacity night the snowstorm-ridden Friday), Saturday was a lovers wasteland of bedroom narcotics and Vanya All-Star film viewing (Party Monster, 24 Hour Party People, Ghost World, Velvet GM), and now the Hotel Barrows is a ghostland at 3pm Sunday, with hockey on the scren, a kitten at my side (don't lick the CD jewel cases, love) and this machine on my lap. I'm eating leftover chinese and wondering what's next. Not ready to start another week.

Also, Click/Clash was back at le pill. on Friday. Cheers Susie.

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