Sunday, March 2, 2008

Click Clash @ the pill 02.29

Local fashion blog Click/Clash hit up the pill last Friday, and I spy Clementine, Mark and JUSTINcredible. (Yes, I know someone called JUSTINcredible... He's mad chill.)


  1. I was reading about Medusa while watching The Ring and then a Sunsilk commercial came on. If you get my drift.

  2. I <3 Clementine, and her's is def my fav pill flyer featuring a woman I haven't slept with.

  3. Three possibilities:
    1) You are stalking--er, reading--my blog.
    2) We are both reading the same messageboard.
    3) We are magically on the same wavelength.


  4. All three, Miss D!

    There's just something really strange about the Clementine pill flyer that I really like. No offense intended to anyone... I just get a lot of flak for that one and I'm unsure why. Maybe it's not aligned to the pill aesthetic as much as the others, maybe there's this weird goth undercurrent to it, who knows. It's blurry, slightly erie and not as crisp as the others. I dig it.