Monday, March 3, 2008

Angry Journalist dot com

Well I just found the best website ever. More than a thousand annonymous comments from bitter people making a living in a dying industry.

Angry Journalist #1373:
An organization devoted to hiring people smarter than a states attorney, but too stupid to realize they are getting paid less than the guy who empties the trash.

Angry Journalist #1354:
I’d like to offer a toast to the genius who decided to make reporters punch in on a time clock, then mandated a “No Overtime” policy.

Let’s begin with the obvious. Reporters don’t work bankers hours, so expecting us to punch in and punch out for an exact eight-hour day is asinine, not to mention totally oblivious to how reporters work in the first place and the nature of “breaking news.” I’m sure if faced with a time clock, Woodward and Bernstein would have said, “Oooops, Ben Bradlee, we’re out of hours, we don’t think we’ll go chat with our friend in the parking lot. Screw taking down a Presidency and exposing corruption! We don’t want to cost our employers a couple of hundred dollars in OT because we’re good corporate automatons.”

Angry Journalist #1228:
I get angry when people write a letter to the editor and then refer to it as their “article.” Oh, did you see the article I had in today’s paper? No, because it’s a damn letter.

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