Monday, June 16, 2008

Michael to VH1: It's Too Soon. Too Soon.

Summer programming is in full-swing in TV-land, as VH-1 is rolling out "I Love the New Millennium" on Monday. Today I tell VH1: Dudes, it's too soon. We don't need a retrospective on a not-yet-finished decade that was merely a retrospective of other decades. It's not even 2009. I can't wait for E!s "Top Ten Celebrity Hot Lunch Disasters from 2026, hosted by Frances Bean Cobain" slated to air next fall.

Though in fairness to my <3 cable network, anything that airs between now and the premiere of "I Love Money" is merely filler. As the QoE said yesterday, "That show will change my life." Touche!

Also in today's column, I shoot my proverbial load all over the Virgins, the latest NYC hipster-funk answer to those not feeling Vampire Weekend. This is Album of the Summer type shit right here. Check out "She's Expensive" and "Rich Girls."

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