Friday, June 27, 2008

Ladytron. Mmmmmmmmm, Ladytron.

The ultra-sexy/ultra-modern Ladytron hits the Paradise Rock Club on Monday, and while I can't say that new album "Velocifero" has moved me all too much, hot damn Helen and Mira are still the most adorable women in all the colorful synthpop sky. So yeah, this is a post centered simply around posting their promo photo.

I was always a Mira kind of guy, but seeing Ladytron at the Dise a few years ago for the Light & Magic tour really opened my eyes to the calm sultry beauty that is Miss Helen. Yeah whatever, I'm allowed a babe post every once in a while, and these women always held my attention over FHM types. And this personal anecdote is better than when the big-headed fro'dude spun shitty music at Start, right?

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