Monday, November 3, 2008

Best Weekend Ever

Holy shit, I think I just came to. It's finally November, I think. A recap of le weekend:

Friday -- Insanity. Possibly the largest pill crowd ever, and Elastica, the Kinks and the Strokes were all on fucking point. Bonus for it being a Friday and allowing 2 hours of dance party time after the live sets. This was bananas.

Saturday -- After realizing SAlem was still a clusterfuck, a day spent picking up snail shells on the rocky beaches of Marblehead was a perfect day-after. Sushi at Privus and a truncated Circus put me out early.

Sunday -- I have no iodea what I did yesterday. But I won my Fantasy Football game, so there's that.

I am spent. Halloween was my last big event of 2k8, and it went remarkably well. Other than the pill each Friday, a guest spot at Enormous Room Nov. 12 and the Vanya Xmas Birthday Bash next month, I'm on easy street until New Year's. xo.

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